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Words of wisdom from my 7 year old

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My youngest, recently developed a fear of the 'dark creatures of the night.' There was much concern about going to bed alone, the dark, funny noises... and the list goes on. I tried reassuring him that nothing can reach his second story bedroom window but he wasn't convinced. As we chatted (yet again) about how it's just his imagination and how it is important to be able to tell yourself that you're OK, he came out with this absolute pearl of wisdom.

"Do you mean mummy that I am the King of my own mind?"

Son, you've nailed it in one.

"I am the King of my own mind."


This simple statement is as relevant to a seven year old with an over-active imagination as it is to a teenager with over-active angst. It is as relevant to the dear friend struggling with yet another bout of depression as it is to the awe-inspiring friend tackling a mammoth weight loss program. It is also relevant to the mother wracked with (unnecessary) guilt over the time she spends working...

Yes folks, we all need to get a bit of this one in our lives.

To celebrate the pure genius that is now the mantra of my seven year old, I'm making him a canvas print for his birthday.

I think he'll be pretty stoked to see his own words in print for the world to see.

And I do hope it inspires him to leave those bed-time demons behind.

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